All of the Features All of the Time - All of our product offerings come with all of the features and abilities of the ibAcus inventory counting solution.  Product packaging is based on the number of concurrent counters (the number of people you will have counting at one time), not the list of product features.  All offerings have the same full set of features.  Price is distinguished based on the number of concurrent counters only.  This allows people with small stores or warehouses to obtain a high quality and easy to use solution at a very reasonable price (or even free), while at the same time provides larger customers with a high quality commercial product. If you have never used ibAcus software we highly recommend that you download and try out the free ibAcus Standard version.

Here are our packages...


Coming soon... combined hardware and software package deals


ibAcus Standard   Counting for one

Price - Free with renewal required every 6 months                 Download Now!

This is the answer for those without much to spend yet with a desire for a robust and easy to use inventory counting solution.  Designed for businesses with a one person counting "team", this version has all of the features and abilities of the more expensive versions, the only differences being the limit of one person counting and lack of technical support.  Although there is no support you do still get all of our manuals so you should have no problem getting it up and running.  And yes, it really is completely free. We only ask that you renew your license every 6 months.

Want to avoid that 6 month renewal and gain a free year of technical support?  Simply upgrade to ibAcus Standard Plus...


ibAcus Standard Plus  Counting for one

 Price - $49.95

Identical to ibAcus Standard but without the need for renewing your license plus one year of free technical support.

For multiple counters upgrade to ibAcus Enterprise...


ibAcus Enterprise  Counting for many

Price - $249.95 per counter

Our commercial product offering allows any number of concurrent counters.  Comes with one year of free technical support.


ibAcus Technical Support  Just in case

Price - $49.95 per counter per year

Additional technical support is available when your existing year of free technical support runs out.  This entitles you to free upgrades and fixes for all ibAcus components during that period.  Support is provided via email usually within 24 hours.



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